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We Support The Family Caregiver So They Can Focus On & Support The Ones They Love.

Vital Family Caregivers™  is a comprehensive, and individually tailored solution which provides Family Caregivers the required and much needed skills and resiliency training to cope with and perform the role of a Family Caregiver.  Our Team of Certified Vital Options Professional Trainers and Consultants also provide individual consultation for:

  • Family Caregivers

  • Extended Family Members


Through our private on-line community, we offer Ongoing Resiliency Training Support for Family Caregivers, and Other Products & Services of Value | In most cases, free of charge.  

Our Family Caregiver online Community is exclusive to all: 

  • Family Caregivers of all levels

  • Healthcare & Human Service Professionals that support Family Caregivers

  • Certified Family Caregiver Trainers 

  • Advanced Medical, Nursing or other Care Provider Students who are interested in supporting Family Caregivers


Admission to our Monitored Community is free of charge and designed to:


  • Facilitate Additional Family Caregiver  Resiliency Training 

  • Offer inspiration, motivation and support to Family Caregivers 

  • Provide Exclusive Offers on Other Valuable Products and Services

  • Facilitate Ongoing Resiliency Support

Our Valued Partners and Supporters are committed to our shared belief that now more than ever we need to support the Family Caregiver through Education, Advocacy and Support


Our Partners and Supporters are made up of Corporations, Individuals, Foundations, and Nonprofits.



Reach out to us today to explore the many ways to partner with our team and be a part of Taking Care of Those Who Take Care of Us - The Family Caregiver!


Our Certified Family Caregiver Trainers, Advisors and our Valued Partners and Supporters believe that together we can make a difference and leave a lasting positive impact on the Families and our society overall.

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